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Corrugated Plastic Signs

Corrugated Plastic Signs
Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs are made of durable corrugated plastic sheet that easily install over simple ground stakes, fit within framed signs.Use them indoors or outdoors.
Corrugated plastic sheet is made from polypropylene copolymers, or high-density polyethylene.Corrugated plastic sheet is used to make a wide range of products for the consumer and industrial markets. It has many of the same properties as corrugated fiberboard, is lightweight, easy to work with and tough.
Hollow plastic sheet is widely used to make reusable plastic containers, packaging and commercial signs. It is the packaging material of choice for automotive parts, agricultural product and electronic component. The material is reusable, washable and forms strong boxes.
During the manufacturing process, the corrugated plastic sheets can be modified through the use of additives to provide enhanced ultraviolet protection, flame retardant, anti static benefits. A separate set of additives can also inhibit corrosion and provides wide range of other features to the material. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the material can absorb different colors and patterns as needed. This process helps in the identification and branding of the boxes, removing the need for additional labels.
1.) Excellent mechanics property
Because of special structure of corrugated plastic sheet, it has excellent mechanics performances as follows: strong and good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, buffer shock, very high hard, good bending properties and long-time durable.
2.) Light weight & materials saving
Corrugated Plastic Sheet has excellent mechanics property, if up to achieve the same result with it, extruding corrugated sheet is with low cost, materials saved, light weight.
3.) Heat and sound insulation
Corrugated plastic sheet has excellent heat and sound insulation because of its hollow structure, which makes the performance of heat and sound transfer much lower than solid board.
4.) Anti-static, conductive and flame retardant
Taking modified, mixing and surface spraying methods to make corrugated plastic sheet with properties such as anti-static, conductive and flame retardant.
5.) Stable Chemical Property
Corrugated Plastic Sheet has obvious advantages such as chemical resistance, water proof, moisture resistance, excellent weather ability, anti-corrosion, fade resistance comparing with carton board or wooden board.
6.) Smooth and beautiful surface and various of colors available
As for its special extruding technology, corrugated plastic sheet can be produced with various of colors through changing masterbatch. Excellent surface for painting and inks jet easily.
7.) Environmental friendly
Corrugated Plastic Sheet has the property of non-toxic and no-pollution etc., so it can be disposed simply without any pollution to the environment. Meantime, it also can be used with recycling.
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